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(not presently available)

Interweaving the vibration and energy of sound and crystals

with Reiki, ShamaSoma teachings and insightful guidance;

offering Spiritual energy techniques toward

relaxation & rejuvenation of the

mind, body, spirit and soul.

~$30 half hour~



with a 4-week group study class

These are intense two hour study classes that meet

once a week for four weeks.

HOST these classes in the intimate comfort of your own home, invite at least four friends, and your cost is FREE!

Minimum of four paying guests at $80 each FOR THE FULL FOUR WEEK COURSE to be paid in advance/no refunds.

(my traveling distance is limited)


Intense 4-hour workshop for the Tarot is also available.

HOST a workshop and host is free. Four paid guests minimum.

$45 each to be paid in full/no refunds.

(my traveling distance is limited)



with a group study workshop.

This is an intense 4- hour workshop.

HOST these classes in the intimate comfort of your own home, invite at least four friends, 

and your cost is FREE!

Minimum of four paying guests at $45 each

to be paid in advance/no refunds.

My book: "The Mystic RUNES, A Portal to Secret Wisdom and Heightened Awareness" is available for purchase at the workshop for $22.47. Participants that do not have my book will be allowed to borrow one for the class. "The Mystic RUNES" is also available for purchase ahead of time from my or on Amazon. "The Mystic RUNES" is THE book used for this highly informative and enlightening workshop.

Also available for purchase is my Rune Card Deck; created from the illustrations found in my book. The Rune Card boxed set with deck and guidebook is $29.47. "The Mystic RUNES Beautifully Illustrated 25-Card Deck and Guidebook"

(my traveling distance is limited)

My purpose in teaching these workshops and classes... my favorite thing to do by the way!... is to guide you in learning to interpret for yourself and for others.

In these classes you will learn in an experiential atmosphere,

up close and personal, in such a way that

these tools toward guidance come to life for you!

The Tarot cards as well as the Runes are meant to be used toward personal enlightenment and Spiritual growth,

assisting us in working with the most divine truths of our very being. My intent in these study classes is to present to you an understanding of the Tarot and the Runes toward your own exploration of your deepest state of hidden consciousness and the situations that present themselves to you daily. 


Also available for learning to read the Tarot;

explore my audio instructional double CD set

“Interpreting the Tarot”

continue reading for information on this audio guidance for the Tarot.



FREE mailing

Learn to read tarot cards

with this audio instructional CD set and booklet.

“Interpreting the Tarot” is a double disk audio instructional

CD set with a listening time of 103 minutes.

This CD series is accompanied with a manual for easy reference containing the text of the complete double disk audio CDs. “Interpreting the Tarot” is easy to understand and specifically designed to help you interpret the Tarot Cards toward personal growth and spiritual enlightenment. This audio CD set will help you learn to read Tarot Cards for yourself and others. There is no secret to reading the Tarot Cards; the secret is enveloped within the cards themselves. And the draw of each card opens the gateway in which to allow us access to a more enlightened state.

If you ever wanted to learn to read Tarot Cards and didn’t know where to begin this is it!

Tarot Cards are not included.

You may listen to selected samples of tracks from this

double disk audio instructional CD by going to

Once on page; scroll down to “tracks”

and click on any arrow to listen to a 2 minute sample of that track. 



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"The Mystic RUNES" 

book on Amazon:

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"The Mystic RUNES

A Portal to Secret Wisdom and Heightened Awareness"

The RUNE Cards created from the illustrations in this book are now available as well! 

Instructions for ordering the book, as well as the cards with guidebook are on the HOME PAGE

"The Mystic RUNES

Beautifully Illustrated 25-Card Deck and Guidebook" 




I use the Tarot and the Runes as a tool in gaining access to the Spiritual guidance and lessons that envelope our daily existence. We are in a constant cycle of change; and based upon the decisions we make and paths we take our life experiences are born and lived through. My passion and purpose in these readings is work with you to assist you on your journey toward personal enlightenment. Sharing in the process of finding our path through the Oracle of the Tarot and the Mystic Runes is a passion of mine. These are wonderfully insightful tools for Spiritual growth. My heart’s desire is to help you in finding your own way toward personal enlightenment!





My “Sacred Stone Readings” help in accessing information of an esoteric nature; transforming insight and guidance into conscious thought & awareness.

Combining meanings from the directions of the Sacred Wheel, with river stones I have collected and written symbols on from the Major Arcana of the Tarot; I help you connect with the very essence of your Soul.

There is an interesting story to my Sacred Stone readings and how I came to this process of accessing information pertaining to the soul’s growth through these stones…

I often walk in the woods with my dog; my soul companion and loyal friend, and as we were embraced one day by the earth under the lacy canopy of the trees I could feel a stirring deep within my being that encompassed me as a sense of peace and Union with Divine Source. The babbling sound of the brook nearby beckoned me to its edge, where I noticed deep within its glistening reflection stones were calling to me. I gathered these stones knowing that they had a purpose and intent. So I asked how I was to use these river stones and the answer came that they were meant to assist those in answering life’s questions on their journey.In acknowledging my love for working with the Tarot I wrote the Roman Numerals from the Major Arcana onto the face of the stones. In the process of a reading I drop the river stones from my cupped hands and they fall; landing face up or face down. In combination with the stones I have put definition to the directions of the Sacred Wheel of Life and in merging these meanings together; the stones and the Sacred Wheel; I am able to do an insightful reading from the heart to guide you as to your Soul’s direction at your present time in life. There are questions we work through together such as; what must be looked at from the past in order to move forward? What are the truths and passions that fuel your desires? What are the influences in your outer world that mirror your thoughts and your lessons?

And of course; Spiritual guidance.

Straight from the throws of nature; my river stones along with the Tarot, Runes and the Sacred Wheel help me to help you through this truly transformational process.



(To be offered again in the near future)

Our bodies are remarkable instruments of information. We speak, we hear, we see, we feel, we taste; all without often putting a lot of thought into the automatic responses of these attributes that existing in a physical being presents. As we live and breathe we are energy and vibration. We have a vital etheric field permeating and expanding outward from our body called our aura. And through this energy arena information ebbs and flows. As we go about our day we pick up vibrations around us; positive and negative and they infiltrate into

our auric field and chakras ~ the energy centers that relay and regulate these vibrations of energy in and out of our physical and spiritual bodies. There is a lapse in physical manifestation toward purpose as energy seeps through the layers of the aura and the body’s dense make up. When our energy centers spin and vibrate

at a too fast or too slow rate or become blocked we become susceptible to imbalance and disease (dis-ease).

In using tools such as tuning forks and Tibetan singing bowls the vibration echoed through sound is transmitted into our etheric field toward balancing out energy that might have been disrupted.

Crystals are also another excellent form of transference toward healing; as they have been used for thousands of years for their protective and healing qualities. Crystals and gemstones all have

their own personal and collective pulse and connection to the Universe. All of these tools used toward healing attune themselves to specific tones and frequencies that help put our energy centers back into alignment with the Universal heartbeat, thus putting our soul’s purpose in balance with our state of be-ing.

I use these wonderful tools in healing and balance in conjunction with hands on and Reiki healing techniques. In the use of these modalities I am an open channel to the Universal energy flowing through me; I am not the healer but the vessel for which this energy is able to flow. Energy work is never meant to replace medical instruction and is not to be used in place of Doctors’ orders. I will not claim to “heal” but I am always an open channel for healing to occur.



I have an affinity for crystals, stones, the Tarot,and the Runes, and also have an interest in the Native American ways of working with nature through its symbols and signs. I am a Reiki Master Teacher and a certified Crystal Therapist. I love working with the energies of crystals and sound vibration in healing, and have been studying as a Spiritualist in healing, mediumship and Ministry for over 25 years. I am ordained as a Minister in Spiritualism as well as a Minister through the Universal Life Church.

For the purpose of learning in multi faceted ways toward Spiritual awareness I facilitate Spiritual Development Classes in the Monadnock Region area of New Hampshire. 

In my own personal search I have found all religious, spiritual practices, and belief systems to be of importance as we are each guided in search of a path that brings us to a place of oneness in the Universe in our connectedness with the I AM Presence of All That Is.

Among my many callings to serve I am also founder and Minister of Cycles of Spirit. Cycles of Spirit previously met in the Parish Hall of the Keene Unitarian Universalist Church in Keene, NH. We are now ZOOMing! We are not affiliated with the KUUC but are blessed and grateful to have rented space in this lovely building. Cycles of Spirit meets at 6:30 pm on the first Monday evening of each month. 

New Hampshire's Spiritualist Church, Cycles of Spirit

located in Keene, NH. Go to: 

I am also a bellydance instructor with a performing troupe called “Spirit In Motion” (… now isn’t that appropriate!...) and I am a professional artist; specializing in portraits in pastel on commission. To see my portrait creations and for ordering info go to

Author of

"The Mystic RUNES,

A Portal to Secret Wisdom and Heightened Awareness"

"The Mystic RUNES

Beautifully Illustrated 25-Card Deck and Guidebook"


“Interpreting the Tarot"

feel free to e-mail me with any questions

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