An enormous thank you for those that have sat with me and my Aura Imaging System for nine the years I traveled with it. I have been blessed in your sharing of your beautiful colorful selves with me, as it has been my pleasure to connect in such personal ways in exploring your energy fields. What a wonderful experience it’s been!

As the transport, set-up and break-down of my heavy equipment has not agreed with my back, and as I heal, I have come to a decision that supports my body to put the Aura Imaging aside. I am sad, very sad to end this chapter in my life.

Well, you know what that means though?! On to the next chapter!

The good news is that I am putting my focus into my first love, of many years, of Tarot and Rune Readings and teaching. I am excited to go head-first back into these two passions of mine! My heart is leading the way as I go out into the community of the Mystics with my Tarot and Rune Cards. Booking private readings on ZOOM is also available.

I will never forget the amazing people I have met with my Aura Imaging System along with the brilliant Auras you’ve all so graciously displayed to me. It’s been a remarkable experience! This world truly is made of people of all colors! I am humbled, I am grateful, and I thank you with all my heart!

In the spirit of love, light and joy. Namaste. 


What color is your aura today?! Did you know our energy changes in relation to what is going on in our lives! Explore the fascinating understanding of color with Aura Imaging. This innovative System reveals the colors in your energy field as metaphysics are combined with science and technology. What do your colors mean? And how can you be guided toward exploration of self through the interpretation of your aura?

This innovative 8-page packet is full of information for you.

And also includes a full color image of your aura around your face and shoulders on 4" x 6" glossy photo paper

AND a full color image of your chakras on 4" x 6" glossy photo paper.


PLEASE NOTE: Aura Imaging is not meant to be a medical diagnosis in any way for any thing; and is strictly for the enjoyment and interest toward understanding colors and the chakras.