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RUNES WORKSHOP $45, part 1
($35 for part 1 to those who already have my reference material) 
Monday, Nov 13th, 6-8 pm
Terrapin Traders
302 Central St, Gardner, MA
Pre-pay by Nov 6th, no refunds
This is a review/beginners workshop
RUNES WORKSHOP $45, part 2
Monday, Nov 20th, 6-8 pm
Terrapin Traders
302 Central St, Gardner, MA
Pre-pay by Nov 13th, no refunds
This class is only for those that have taken a Runes workshop with me before.
Shakti Dance! $20
November 18th, 10:30am-noon in the Parish Hall of the Keene Unitarian Universalist Church, Keene, NH.
Shakti Dance: aligning the Chakras through Bellydance!
Movement through the chakras opens the flow between the 7 main energy vortexes. This process can be achieved in various ways. One way… physically… is through dance… Bellydance! 
The movements of Bellydance can be used to align the chakras as we travel up and down these energy systems through specific dance moves.
Imagine the Kundalini energy of Shakti, starting at the root,
moving her way up in awareness, where Shiva awaits her with open arms.
At the third eye and crown chakras we will use flowing veils to reach higher in awareness. Here we will move with grace and fluidity. Veils will be provided for this class.
Before we end for the evening we will move back down through the chakras in order to ground the wonderful energy we have tapped into.
Bring your coin belt! I have a few coin belts for borrowing as well.

Coming soon 
           THE POWER OF 
Chakra Energy/Animal Essence Awareness
Coming soon 
             More Spiritual Classes!

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