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What color is your aura today?! Did you know our energy changes in relation to what is going on in our lives! Explore the fascinating understanding of color with Aura Imaging.  This innovative System reveals the colors in your energy field as metaphysics are combined with science and technology. What do your colors mean? And how can you be guided toward exploration of self through the interpretation of your aura?
$40 at any scheduled event
This innovative package of information includes a full color image of your aura around your face and shoulders on 4" x 6" glossy photo paper 
AND a full color image of your chakras on 4" x 6" glossy photo paper.
AND 9 pages of information relating to your aura and chakras.

You get all this for $40! (pricing is subject to change)
               ~ OR ~ 
For just $30 receive one full color image of your aura as stated above around face and shoulders. There is no image of the chakras and no packet of information included in this pricing of $30. Not all events offer this $30 image only.

These costs apply at shows and events. See below for up and coming opportunities to have your Aura Imaging done. Vendors and shop owners see below for pricing.
You will receive YOUR Aura Imaging Packet FREE, AND earn $$$. Have an Aura Imaging Party with five or more of your friends and family in your home or office space. Your guests' cost is $40 each. You receive $5 per person: minimum full payment of fee for 5 people MUST BE PREPAID to me before one week of your scheduled event, with no refunds, maximum of 10 participants. You will receive your payment of $5 per person when the event is over. House, office party and business rates apply if you are within 1 hour of my driving distance. If my driving distance is farther than one hour A MINIMUM OF 8 PREPAID attendees is required one week in advance of the event.

It takes me an hour to set up and break down; I typically image 4 to 5 clients in an hour. 
It is your responsibility as host, shop owner or event chairperson to promote Aura Imaging with Kary. I will provide a PDF through e-mail of a flyer for you. 

Go to the "contact me" page or e-mail me at to find out more and schedule your own Aura Imaging Party! 
Pre-pay to hold the party with the PAYPAL button below:

If there is a charge for me to be at your event; such as a Psychic Fair, it is at my discretion as to whether I think I can cover my costs and there will be no further exchange of money and I keep all profits and there will be no free packets offered. 
It is your responsibility as shop owner or event chairperson to promote the Aura Imaging. 

If I am traveling beyond two hours to you we will discuss fees previous to booking the event. 

Aura Imaging is not meant to be a medical diagnosis in any way for any thing; and is strictly for the enjoyment and interest toward understanding colors and the chakras. 

Go to "Contact Me" page to get in touch with me or e-mail me at

Aura Imaging public events
for 2017:

Proctorsville, VT 

Sat Jan 14th 10-2 pm
This is a very unique event offering Reiki and readings with Brandi and Jen, along with Aura Imaging of pets with their companions :) 
Keene Intuition
47 Main St, Suite 4, Keene, NH
Sat April 1st 11-4 pm
The Dragonfly Shop
67 Emerald St, Keene, NH 
Sat April 15th 11-4 pm 
Aura Imaging is in conjunction with psychic fair
Stonewall Farm
235 Windsor Rd, Hillsboro, NH 
Sat April 30th PRIVATE EVENT 
Haydenville, MA 

Sat June 3rd 12-4 pm 
Terrapin Traders  
302 Central St
Gardner, MA
Sat June 10th 12-5 pm 
Aura Imaging is in conjunction with psychic fair
Historical Society
151 Front St  
Winchendon, MA
Sat June 24th 9am-1pm
Aura Imaging is in conjunction with psychic fair
Stonewall Farm
235 Windsor Rd, Hillsboro, NH 
Sat July 8th 12-5 pm
This Aura Imaging Event is in conjunction with a psychic fair and paranormal investigation; there may be a small entrance fee.  
Houghton Mansion
172 Church St, N Adams, MA
Sat Sept 23rd 12-5 PM
Messages From Heaven,
Healing and Learning Center
272 Central St.
Leominster, MA
Fri Sept 29th 5-9:30 PM
This Aura Imaging Event is in conjunction with Keene YMCA's Annual Women's Weekend Getaway
Camp Takoda
55 Fitzwilliam Rd, Richmond, NH

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